Volunteers Needed on King Fire Salvage Study (June 29 – July 2)

IMG_6374The Bisbing Forest Ecology lab is collaborating with researchers at the Pacific Southwest (PSW) Research Station and University of California, Davis, on an experimental salvage logging trial within the bounds of the 2014 King Fire. Botany and fuels crews will be working throughout the summer to collect pre-treatment data, and there are opportunities available for undergraduate students to work on the fire and gain valuable research skills. Dr. Bisbing and Dr. Eric Knapp (PSW) are looking for three to four volunteers to assist in marking trees for salvage from June 29 РJuly 2, 2015. Technicians must be able to work in hot, dry conditions, travel across variable terrain, and carry a heavy pack. Students will travel to and from the site with Dr. Bisbing, and camp for the four-night stay.

Please email Dr. Bisbing for more details and to secure your spot in this invaluable forest ecology experience.