Ecological great-grandfather’s plots re-discovered and re-measured: William S. Cooper’s Community Succession Plots.


Sitting where my ecological great-grandfather sat before me in Glacier Bay National Park.

In summer 2017, Dr. Brian Buma led a group of scientists (myself included) on a sea-kayaking adventure to re-discover William S. Cooper’s lost plant succession plots in Glacier Bay National Park. William S. Cooper is actually my ecological great-grandfather (through my PhD advisor Dr. David Cooper) & great-great-grandfather (through my MS advisor Dr. Paul Alaback), so it was thrilling to be invited to participate. It was truly the scientific excursion of a lifetime. Our adventure fueled excitement and rapid turnaround of science. Our findings on the 100 year re-measurement are now published in Ecology.

Buma_et_al-2017-Ecology by Buma et al.