Tree Regeneration & Establishment

IMG_0745Tree regeneration & establishment in peatland ecosystems

We are initiating a study across southeast Alaska to evaluate the early life stages of Pinus contorta ssp. contorta (shore pine). This collaboration with the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station in Juneau will use extensive field sampling, permanent plots, dendrochronology, and paleoecology to understand the conditions under which this species is able to regenerate and establish in peatland ecosystems.

Collaborators: Dr. Brian Buma (University of Alaska, Southeast), Dr. Dave D’Amore (USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station), and Robin Mulvey (USDA State & Private Forestry)

IMG_5681Regeneration, seedling success, and stand dynamics of yellow-cedar

Yellow-cedar (Callitropsis nootkatensis) is a long-lived, slow-growing tree species of high ecological, economical, and social value in southeast Alaska. Researchers at PNW have documented the decline of this valued species over the last 25 years. Although there is extensive research on the distribution and drivers of this decline, there is no understanding of current trends in regeneration and establishment. We are working with PNW to establish a regeneration study that will map regeneration and evaluate this species’ resilience to both natural and anthropogenic disturbance. Permanent plots have been fully mapped in areas of high mortality and areas predicted to be at the leading edge of range expansion. We will utilize time series datasets, local and regional climate, and spatial analysis to identify the primary drivers of success in the regenerating community and the potential for forest type conversions as climate continues to change. Additionally, we have paired these sites with stands that will be salvage logged in order to track the influence of management on the regenerating community and long-term stand dynamics of the forest.

Collaborators: Dr. Brian Buma (University of Alaska, Southeast), Dr. Dave D’Amore (USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station), Dr. Paul Hennon (USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station), and Lauren Oakes (Stanford University)

Bishop pine demography and stand dynamics under an active prescribed fire regime

Details to come . . .

Collaborators: Matthew Brown (PG&E, Senior Land Consultant)